Fitness Fridays: Basic Women’s Supplement Stack for Fat Loss and Muscle Building

Supplements are important for weight loss and muscle building because they help your body support the changes and help to repair and nuture your muscles. I am not a doctor or certified  trainer, so these are just my suggestions based on information I’ve collected and things that I use personally. Please consult a doctor before using any supplement you are unsure about.

Protein Powder

To help your body recover after a workout, you need a low-fat, low-cal and low-carb, protein, preferably whey. I use Isopure Unflavored Protein Powder but find one you like that has 0 carbs and at least 20 grams of protein. 

 Womens Multivitamin

Multi vitamins help help fill in the areas lacking in our diets. With a vitamin made specifically for women, you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you need. I use Nature Made Multi Vitamin for Her.

Omega-3 fatty acids help support healthy heart function. I use Spring Valley Omega 3 Fish Oil.


CLA combined with regular exercise may help support lean muscle development and fat loss. When lean muscle is increased, the body burns more calories in order to function, thereby speeding up the fat burning process, which further promotes healthy body composition. CLA may aid weight loss and reduced fat storage by possibly inhibiting fat from being transported into fat cells (tissue) and preventing the body´s fat cells from increasing in size. I use Spring Valley CLA.


I use biotin because of the claims that it help rebuild brittle nails, which I have. Biotin is a B vitamin involved in the production of energy. Available in supplement form and found naturally in a number of foods, biotin is essential for the formation of fatty acids and blood sugar (also called glucose). Sometimes referred to as “vitamin H,” biotin aids in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins as well. Some supplement manufacturers also claim that biotin supplements can speed up metabolism and—in turn—promote weight loss.

Sleep Supplements

Sleep supplements that contain melatonin really help you to get a good nights sleep without the effects of sleeping pills which contain chemicals that don’t allow your body to reach it’s REM cycles, which is the state that the body gets the most restorative and healing sleep. I always have trouble sleeping and I use MidNite Sleep Aid and sleep like a baby 🙂


7 responses to “Fitness Fridays: Basic Women’s Supplement Stack for Fat Loss and Muscle Building

  1. Good post, I couldnt find it, but what are your macro’s looking like on your eating plan? i.e. how many carbs,proteins,fats are you taking in daily?

  2. What does that break down to as far as grams? protein grams,carb grams/fats grams?

    • Calories: 1,200 – 1,550
      Fat: 27 – 50
      Carbohydrates: 135 – 200
      Protein: 70 – 150

      This is from the tracker I use as the average I need to achieve for each day. Hope it helps!

  3. IMHOYour protein should be more towards the upper end of that range and your carbs a little to the lower end of the range if fat loss is your goal. Other than that looks good.

  4. The best thing is of course to know which vitamins you are difficient from and supplement those but people would usually take multivitamins because it is easier…

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  5. Keneth Rynders

    Vitamins and minerals help maintain cellular efficiency by activating enzyme systems that are essential to cellular function. Phyto-nutrients which are found in various forms of plant life are so important that nutritionists recommend at least 5 to 7 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, and suggest even more is better. Sadly, less than one in five Americans get even half of these amounts.-

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