Alysha’s Road to the Rocky! My journey to my first Bikini Competition

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“I’ll never be a bikini chick, prancing around in heels and a bedazzled thong.  Not my thing”

This was me, two years ago.  It is kind of crazy to believe that same girl is getting ready to begin preparing for my first bikini competition in October.

Now before my fellow competition chicks raise an eyebrow, let me explain myself.

When I first began in the fitness industry, I was a boxing chick; spitting into buckets, getting slammed on the ground by sweaty MMA dudes, and brushing my hair, well, never.

So imagining myself onstage, with big hair, make up, and the whole “fancy walk” thing was far from obtainable in my mind.  As much as I tried to shun the bikini world, I always admired those chick’s bodies!

Besides, I was an “athlete”, I wasn’t one of those girls.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I picked up an Oxygen…

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