10 Signs you are a Bikini Competitor

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In the past 4 months that I have been preparing for my first bikini competition, Emerald Cup; I have picked up quite a few interesting habits! I decided to write a blog post about them, and after meeting and talking to several fellow competitors, I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing these perpetual habits! Correct me if I’m wrong ladies, but this is what a majority of us are doing or feeling:

1) You look at food porn – Your Facebook feed is cluttered with not only buff people to motivate you, but food and recipes that you continue to hit ‘like’ but can’t eat! The more times you ‘like’ food photos, the more you’re gonna get in your feed! This is pure torture, but we must be masochists because we do it anyways. We also have boards on our Pinterest with HUNDREDS of pins of the foods we can’t…

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NPC Bikini Posing Clinic

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Hi Guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time… Tax season got the better of me. Anyway, I hope my post today will make up for it. Last weekend I went to a posing Clinic hosted by some of the leading judges in the Northeast as Reaction Nutrition. Basically the clinic went like this: We were broken into groups where judges gave us tips on what to do and what NOT to do. Our poses were critiqued and improved. At the end there was a raffle for some really great prizes including a gift certificate to CJ’s Elite competition wear. Too bad I didn’t when anything.

The theme of the clinic seemed to be “help us pick you.” There were a lot of details on what they are looking for and your goal when you are on stage is to show the best version of yourself at all…

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6 Days Out! This is Why I Do It.

No one understands until you do it for yourself.

Your competition prep coach


I’ve spoken to some competitors recently about their prep coaches and the methods they used.
Although some coaches use methods that I don’t agree with, the thing that worried me most was the relationship that some competitors have with their coaches.

If your coach is making you do something or making you prep a certain way which makes you uncomfortable or is adversely affecting your body, bring up your concerns with your coach. I have spoken to some ladies who don’t know why they are eating so little carbs or so much protein, don’t know why their coach is making them do so much cardio or don’t know why they can’t take preworkout or protein supplements.

Please, please, please remember that YOUR COACH WORKS FOR YOU. 

You do NOT work for your coach. You have paid your coach good money and should be given services to reflect your payment.

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Alysha’s Road to the Rocky! My journey to my first Bikini Competition

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“I’ll never be a bikini chick, prancing around in heels and a bedazzled thong.  Not my thing”

This was me, two years ago.  It is kind of crazy to believe that same girl is getting ready to begin preparing for my first bikini competition in October.

Now before my fellow competition chicks raise an eyebrow, let me explain myself.

When I first began in the fitness industry, I was a boxing chick; spitting into buckets, getting slammed on the ground by sweaty MMA dudes, and brushing my hair, well, never.

So imagining myself onstage, with big hair, make up, and the whole “fancy walk” thing was far from obtainable in my mind.  As much as I tried to shun the bikini world, I always admired those chick’s bodies!

Besides, I was an “athlete”, I wasn’t one of those girls.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I picked up an Oxygen…

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