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My Favorite Healthy Snacks

Most of these are 200 calories a serving or less 🙂 enjoy!

  1. Whole grain roasted garlic triscuits, salami, and lowfat cheese
  2. Pretzels and reduced fat Peanut Butter, or Nutella (peanut butter is a healthier choice though)
  3. Few slices of ham and and a slice of cheese rolled up (I put a dab of mustard on mine)
  4. Hummus and pita crackers
  5. Babybel and whole grain crackers
  6. Whole grain sandwich thins and peanut butter
  7. Greek yogurt with honey or fruit
  8. A package of oatmeal (I keep these at work just in case I get hungry)
  9. Protein Smoothie
  10. A hard boiled egg, carrots, and ranch dressing