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All Pack And Ready

I just finished packing for my thanksgiving trip. I am going home with one of my good friends to celebrate with him and his family. My family doesn’t really get along and isn’t into the holidays, so it feels good to have somewhere to go anyway.


My roommate will be here so my puppy is staying here with her (sniff sniff).

20121121-125708.jpg My closet looks atrocious but I don’t care, I’ll deal with it next week lol. The only things I have left to do is my toes, and instruct my roommate on how to feed my dog Jade. I have to work today 3-9:30 so I have to get everything out the way now because I know I won’t do most of it after work.

20121121-130121.jpg I did my cardio this morning during my walk with my dog. I’m going to do my strength workout tonight after the gym closes before I head home and get it out the way. I know I’m going to probably gain 5 pounds this week so I’m trying to prepare in advance lol.

I really hope you all have a wonderful holiday with the people you care about! Cheers!

How I’m Preparing for the Holiday Food Haul

This is how I prepare for days of stuffing my face. I eat, but I follow a few simple rules.

1. No carbs after 5pm and any carbs must be complex.
2. High protein
3. No eating three hours before bed.
4. 6 small meals

I know these are basic rules but it really does help me prepare for feasting. I also do a walk in the morning before I eat and a walk after, because I know I’m not going to hit the gym lol.