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Guest Post: Playing With The Boys

Hello all! I’m Maria and I blog over at Pappa Don’t Preach. I am thrilled to be Columbia’s guest today and even more thrilled to share some fun stuff with you!

I love fitness, I love the gym, and I love my weights. This wasn’t always the case, in fact, I was quite terrified of all of the above. I know there are many just like myself. Intimidated by the gym, scared of what others will think, especially when you’re not comfortable in your own skin. It takes a lot to overcome these fears and here are just some things to get you there.

  1. Find the right gym. Shop around, ask your friends for recommendations, and when you begin checking out different locations, ask questions! Membership advisors should be providing you with as much information and incentives as possible, including free training sessions when signing up! They want you, so finagle when possible. Think about your schedule. When will you be going to the gym? Will you need to utilize the locker rooms and showers? Into classes? Make sure the gym you choose offers a variety at times that work for you. And last but not least – make sure the gym is CLEAN. Cleanliness is Godliness!
  2. Find a friend. Joining the gym with a friend or family member provides additional motivation and accountability for the both of you.
  3. Do your research. If muscle building is your goal, research your workouts and plan ahead. There are plenty of resources online including specific programs like Jamie Eason’s LiveFit program. READ the information, review the pictures and watch the videos for proper form. The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself.
  4. Get a trainer. If free training sessions are included in your initial membership, take advantage of it. Trainers can become quite expensive, but purchasing sessions here and there will help you understand proper techniques and make you feel more comfortable when you navigate the gym solo.
  5. Find the right outfits. You’re gonna sweat, but you can still look good when you do. Wearing clothes that look good, will make you feel good and more confident. Personally, I love wearing bright colors, prints and fun sneakers.  If you plan on lifting heavy, go for the Femme Fitale fitness gloves. Columbia and I are both huge fans of these funky girly gloves. You don’t have to spend tons of money at Lululemon (even though it’s worth it!) You can make your own gym tees, just like Columbia did using a tutorial from Blogilates. What a great way to make use of old tees!
  6. Own it. Do not be intimidated of anyone at the gym. Everyone is there for the same reason (most often than not.) There is a wide variety of members, all looking to achieve a better and healthier self. The gym is a community, and full of helpful resources in both the staff and  members. Trust me, as I have developed my own family at my gym. It’s a great feeling to have others to lean on that understand your goals and objectives and are there for you when you fall. 
  7. Ignore the Grunters. They’re just grunting to compensate for less developed areas of their body. No one cares and neither should you.

There ya go! Throw caution to the wind and do it. You’ll be so proud of all that you’ll be able to accomplish once you let go of your gym fears.

 If you’re already a member of a gym, how did you choose?

 Do you prefer to work out with others or fly solo?

 Thanks for having me, Columbia! Hope you’ll all visit me at Pappa Don’t Peach!



Guest Post: Athletic Wear-From the Gym to the Runway

This post was written by Keelia and Tamra over at Filthy Chic. Thanks ladies! I was not compensated by the companies that are featured in this post.

Looking through most of the magazines a current trend and one that will go in to the fall is athletic wear. No longer is it just a place for the gym, but now you can see it everywhere from the office, to running errands and a night out.  The styles are the same, but the fabrics, textures and prints used are what make it appropriate for these different occasions. Here’s our take on athletic wear from the gym to our everyday lives.


Keelia’s wearing

Zara demin shirt| H&M tube top| Bar III shorts| Steven Madden wedged sneakers| JCrew hot pink chain|www.fashionable.com ring


Tamra’s wearing

Urban Outfitters silver sequence jacket| Free People crop top| Zara pants| Jessica Simpson shoes| Ann Taylor necklace| Target sunglasses

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Last Day To Enter My Contest!

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My Fitness Bucket List/Current Workout Routine

I was reading Kristens post over at Fit Bottomed Girls and decided to compile a fitness bucket list of my own. Here is what it consists of:

  1. Complete a 5K
  2. Complete a 10K
  3. Compete in a boxing match
  4. Complete a half-marathon
  5. Complete a marathon
  6. Run up Stone Mountain
  7. Learn how to play tennis
  8. Learn how to play golf
  9. Do yoga at sunrise on a beach
  10. Do a fitness model contest
  11. Become a certified personal trainer
  12. Do a triathalon or iron woman competition
  13. Attend the Crossfit Games.

I’m sure I will have more things to add later, but this is what I could think of off the top of my head that I have been wanting to do. I’m pretty simple though, I just want to be fit and healthy, oh and of course pretty. 🙂

Also, to answer today’s question for The Fitness Cheerleader August Blogging Challenge, I currently workout both morning and night. My morning routine consists of waking up between 5:30 and 6am and a walk around my neighborhood or yoga for 20 minutes, and at night between 7 and 9 I do my “real” work, which consists of sprint/walk to my gym (which is about 1/3 of a mile from my house), cardio, and strength training for whatever targeted body parts I have planned for the day.

Recap of July/August Fitness Goals

Here are my current stats:

              July 1           August 1
Weight     195           189
Height     5’10          5’10
Hips         46            44.5   
Waist        33             32
Thighs      26.5         25.5
Calves      15             15
Bust          38            38
Bicep         13           14

My goals for the month were to lose 10 pounds and to workout 20 times. I worked out 19 times (got caught up with my move last weekend, so techinically 16, but I’m counting that moving 3 days of moving because it was exhausting), and I lost about 5 pounds. Time to work double time for August.

Goals for August

Workout 20 times for the month

Lose 10 pounds

Have ONE cheat day a week (Saturday)

Help my sister lose 10 pounds (she has lost about 20 since she’s been living with me, without really trying, so I know we can do better).

This is my progress so far: The first picture was taken July 1st.

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