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15 Things to Give Up



Happy Hump Day!


Pamper Your Skin: Revitalizing Your Skin Inside and Out

Skin is the largest organ of the human body, yet we often forget that it too needs a little TLC every now and then. As women, mothers, sisters, friends, co-workers and so on, we might find ourselves taking care of others with little time left in the busy day to take care of our self. Valentines Day is just a few weeks away, so what better excuse to take time to pamper yourself? Whether its for that special someone or for your own confidence and well being, taking a few extra minutes to make your skin feel fresh and rejuvenated might be exactly what you need to give you that glowing look on the 14th.

Time and money…. money and time. The two biggest factors that keep us from doing anything that’s not in the daily routine. However, there are plenty of ways to treat your skin on a budget without taking up precious minutes during the day.

From the Inside
Hydrating the skin should come from the inside as well as externally. I may sound like a broken record, but drinking water is the number one way to keep your skin from feeling dry and flakey. This fruit infused water recipe from Skana, the spa I work at, is easy to make, delicious to drink, and will definitely keep you coming back for more!

​-1 gallon water
​-12 tangerines, zested and pith removed
​-8 sprigs of Thyme
​-2 Fennel Buds, shaved

​Combine all of the above ingredients into a large container and allow them to ​steep for about six hours. This will give the fruit, Thyme and fennel plenty of time ​to really infuse the water with their minerals. Next, strain through a fine mesh ​strainer leaving you with just the infused water. Use slices of tangerine, some ​fennel and a few thyme sprigs.

Its recommended that you drink about 8-9 cups (for women) of water per day. By incorporating a fruit infused water such as the Tangerine, Fennel, Thyme Water, you will also provide your body with minerals that aid in digestion, reduce inflammation and boost metabolism.

From the Outside
Your skin definitely needs a little care from the outside as well. Try making a simple body scrub using sea salt, rosemary and sage essential oil, and almond oil. Simply combine about 1 cup of sea salt with about ½ cup of oil (the amounts will vary- the mixture should be like a wet sand, not too soupy). Once the almond oil and sea salt is mixed, add a few drops of rosemary and sage essential oil. These ingredients combined will exfoliate the skin, enhance circulation and leave your skin glowing.

Now, grab your mineral water, your body scrub, and a glass of wine, and spend a few extra minutes this evening before you go to bed revitalizing the skin you’re in!

This article was written by Michelle Pino. Michelle takes pride in her work at Skana, a spa in central New York, but also enjoys healthy eating, exercise, reading and all things DIY. Contact her with any comments or questions via email at michellepino@turningstone.com

Me? Bodybuilding?

The last few weeks have been so hectic. I am a gym manager at Planet Fitness here in Georgia, so because of the grand opening of my gym on December 31 I have been MIA. Yesterday was actually the first day I have had off since the 26th of December. Thanks to my amazing staff it has been a successful 2 weeks.

Now, in terms of progress I have totally been slacking off since before Christmas. I am back on track with a new goal. I am looking into bodybuilding. One of the trainers at my gym is not only my sorority sister, but she is also an amateur figure competitor, which makes her the epitome of Pretty Girl Fit and an inspiration. I have been researching figure competitions and have really been interested in it. I don’t know if I want to take the plunge into it just yet, but it has motivated me to revamp my routine. Starting today I am on a 4 day split workout plan doing the following:


On my rest days I will be doing 45 minutes of cardio. I am currently 183 lbs. My goal weight is 175 by February 8th and if I drop from there it will be because of my routine, not because I’m trying to. I have increased my protein intake to at least 65 grams a day and also increased my water intake. I am also keeping my calories to under 1500 a day. I am 5’10 so this is a good starting point for me. I don’t do food substitutes so I have to be careful what I eat. I am also going to try to eat at least 4-6 small meals a day but that’s kinda hard with the 50+ hours a week I currently work. I’ll let y’all know how that goes.

My current measurements:


7 Essentials For Living Your Fullest Potential

Editor’s note: This post was written by Zen Habits contributor Jonathan Mead.

Most of us have heard something like this before: “You have a lot of potential,” or in school, “You have so much potential, work hard and you might realize it.”
The only problem is no one seems to tell us where to start or how to achieve our fullest potential. After all, potential is such an ominous term. You can’t measure it. You can’t quantify it. You can’t define potential.
Even though we may not ever be able to measure our potential, we can develop habits to help us grow. Here are 7 essentials I’ve found to ensure that you are the best possible version of yourself:
1. Have an open mind. Everyone talks about how important having an open mind is. But what they don’t say is how much having an open mind can affect your potential. A lot of opportunities pass us by because we’re stuck in a limited pattern of thinking, or we’re afraid to take a risk. If there’s no actual real (or perceived) danger, take the risk. The worse that can happen is you’ll look silly. Having an open mind is the first step to reaching your potential, because it gives you the willingness to take risks. We’ll never be the best we can be by playing it safe. As the saying goes: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be where you’ve always been.”
As a musician, when I make a mistake, I’ll cringe and think I sounded terrible. After I’m done playing and ask someone if they heard my mistake they usually say “What mistake?” There’s a good chance you see yourself more critically than other people do.
2. Seek out new perspectives and contexts. The more perspectives you seek out, the more you push the boundaries of your mind. If you only focus on one thing, you’ll likely become an expert before long. But if you stay inside your box, you’ll be like a stiff bridge, waiting to collapse when the first hurricane comes through. A well built bridge has give; it has a certain amount of flexibility to it.
Try to push the borders of your thinking. Here are some suggestions:
Get inside someone else’s mind. Pick their brain and try to see things from their point of view.
Listen to music that you never would have dreamed choosing. Give it a chance. If you don’t like it, you can always turn it off. I know there are some types of music I can’t stand, no matter how much I try to give it a chance.
Change your routine. If you buy the same jelly donut, the same coffee, and drive the same way to work everyday, try something different. Be adventurous. Try the bear claw. Drink blueberry tea instead. Take the scenic route home.
Learn a new language. Learning a different language forces you to think in that language. It pushes your mind to make new connections between ideas, phrases, and thought patterns that never would have been pushed.
Travel. What better way to stretch your mind than by completely immersing yourself in another culture?
3. Ask for what you want. Everyone’s heard the saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” It never surprises me how many people fail to get what they want because they’re too afraid to ask for it. Their fear of rejection and embarrassment holds them back from asking for help. In order to get what you want, you have to have the courage to ask others for assistance. That doesn’t mean you mooch off of other people. It means you have the wisdom that by working together, you can accomplish far more than you could alone. Which brings me to number 4…
4. Help other people succeed. The best way to reach your fullest potential is to help other people as much as possible. When it’s your time to ask for help, other people will be more inclined to help you in return.
If you find yourself falling short of your best, it’s likely because you’re not giving enough of yourself. The more you give of yourself to others, the more value you create. The more value you create, the more other people will want to give value back to you.
By helping others as much as possible, you create a wide network of support. Most great people you’ll meet will tell you they didn’t achieve greatness alone. They had many mentors, and they stood on the shoulders of giants.
5. Think different. You won’t be surprised to find that those who have reached their greatest potential have often been the most prolific. They aren’t afraid to step outside of the norm. In fact, most of these people would consider the norm as something to vehemently avoid. Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Ralph Waldo Emerson (to name a few) were considered radical thinkers. Now they’re just considered geniuses.
Thinking different doesn’t just mean intentionally going against the grain, though. It doesn’t mean swimming upstream blindly, just because you want to revolt against authority. What it does mean is having the courage to express your individuality. It’s in developing and unabashedly accepting your unique strengths and talents that you’ll reach your highest potential.
6. Work smart, not hard. By working smart you can save a ridiculous amount of time you would have otherwise been spinning your wheels. Working smart is about paying attention and taking the time to do your research. It isn’t, however, obsessing over getting every little detail figured out. That’s obsession.
Working smart means modeling other experienced people and doing your homework. It’s the difference between first watching an experienced mechanic, and then haphazardly trying to wing rebuilding an engine. Working hard at that point becomes irrelevant when you don’t have a clue to what you’re doing.
7. Change your auto-response. When you want to do something, don’t think about it, just do it. Many of our opportunities in life pass us by simply because we can’t make a decision. We’re wrapped up in an effort to figure out all the facts and gain enough experience before we take the plunge.
The truth is, most experience comes from making things up as you go along. You’ll inevitably make mistakes and achieve less than perfect results. If you can develop a keen ability to ignore fear of the unknown, you can take years off your learning curve.
Instead of thinking “I don’t know,” think “I’ll figure it out.”
It will help you overcome you fear, and can be very liberating.

Jonathan is the author of Illuminated Mind – The less boring side of personal development. His articles include Living Freestyle: Life Without a Template and Liberate Your Life: Put Yourself on Auto-Response. You can subscribe to his blog here.
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