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Last Day To Enter My Contest!

Today is the last day to enter my contest. If you haven’t done so, check it out and enter here. I look forward to knowing who the winner will be once Slimkicker chooses tomorrow! Good luck!

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New Category: Follow Friday

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I will be featuring blogs that I like or certain posts from the week that I enjoyed. First up Blogilates

I love this blog, I think the author is so cool and cute. I watch her videos on youtube as well. This is a fitness blog and has a very fresh and young approach, which is great for me because I lose interest in most blogs pretty easily. I suggest you check her out!

Thrifty Thursdays: Old T-Shirt Project

I got this idea from Blogilates. Check out her post here.



– Old t-shirt

– Pair of scissors

TIME: 15 min


1. Cut away the crew neck the sleeves and the bottom. For the sleeves, you will want to start at the shoulder (you decide how thick you want the strap to be) and cut straight into the chest area. Then curve. If you curve the whole way, it’s gonna look weird on you.

2. Clean up the edges. Decide how low you want the neckline to be.

3. Turn the shirt to the back and make a narrower racerback. Then cut a deep V.

4. Take the bottom edge of the shirt that you cut off and cut the seams off so that you’re just left with fabric. Stretch it out as much as possible.

5. About 2″ from the bottom of the V tie a know with one edge of the noodle.
Wind it round ‘n round, then double knot it at the other end too. Cut off loose ends.

6. To make this a hi-low top, lay your shirt sideways and flat. Then starting at about 4-5″ from the front center of the shirt start diagonally cutting down til you reach the back. You’ll want to cut straight for a bit at the front center then start creating the diagonal or else you’re gonna get a weird arrow shape with you open up.

Here is the final product:


I also did another one:


New Post Categories

Starting today, I will be posting themed entrys based on days of the week. I want to expand my blog topics, so I figured this would be the best way to do so.  Here’s what I had in mind:

Motivational Mondays: Basically I will have some form of inpiration (more than likely from Instagram or Pinterest).

WOD Wednesdays: This will be a fun and challenging workout that I will post (as well as complete).

Thrifty Thursdays: I will be posting cool and crafty fitness that I hope will save your money 🙂

Fitness/Foodie Fridays: I will be posting fitness articles or healthy recipes that I like.

Hope you enjoy!

Pretty Girl Fit: Femme Fitale Fitness Gloves

small_967835987_ZRRAN-M[1].jpgWhen I got into working out with kettlebells, I started getting blisters from holding them. I’m a sucker for all things zebra print, so a quick google search led me to the Femme Fitale Fitness website. Score! They have cute fitness gloves for women who like to work out and still be pretty. Here’s the description from the website:

Work out looking like a girl in these feminine, finger-less zebra print fitness gloves for weight lifting, spin classes, ellipticals, rowing machines, Pilates, yoga, wheelchair use, etc.

**Full genuine leather palm with sueded grip.  Double layer palm reduces bulk yet still protects hands from callouses while working out.
**Adjustable velcro strap for better fit, comfort wrapped for protection against rubbing.
**NOTE: SO comfortable…definitely not the average fitness glove!!

Sizing: Measure all the way around palm at knuckles…XS (approx 6″-6.5″), S (approx 6.5″-7.5″), M (approx 7.5″-8″)

If in between sizes…we recommend ordering the smaller size (in fitness gloves only).

Fits differently than golf gloves (Size XS in fitness = size S in golf, size S in fitness = size M in golf, size M in fitness = size L in golf)