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Thrifty Thursdays: #Surviveon35 Could you survive on $35 a week for groceries?

I read posts on two fellow bloggers (Lean Green Bean and Bess Be Fit)  sites about this challenge and I love the idea. I currently spend $150-$300 on groceries and food per month  for two people both eating out and in. Because of my current financial I have decided to cut back, and I am going to up the ante a bit for myself. I am going to spend $25 a week, between myself and my sister, starting Sunday, on groceries each week. The challenge will end August 26th. I know, I know, crazy right? I won’t be eating out, and I will be taking a lot more time to plan my meals. This challenge will require disclipine and I look forward to it. Good luck to all that are doing the #surviveon35 challenge, however. 🙂