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Fitness Fridays: Hoo-Rag

I was asked by the people at Hoo-rag if I would like to try their product. When I went over to the website to check is out I was immediately happy. I am a headband, bandana, scarf gal. Always have been. Especially lately because I cut my hair last month and when I wear it curly its too short for a ponytail in the back.

I must say, I like the Hoo rag. It’s a seamless cylinder of fabric that can be worn in a variety of ways.

20121203-170306.jpg20121203-170314.jpg20121203-170320.jpg20121203-170326.jpg20121203-170332.jpg I wore it to workout as a headband and I am happy: it stayed put, wicked the sweat away, and was just tight enough that it was secure, but didn’t give me a headache! Score!!!!!!

They have a variety of colors and designs on their website. Prices start at $14.95.