Time to get your booty moving

Hi guys! Back in December of last year I became apart of the Tribesports Team. By being involved with this awesome online fitness site, it’s my job to share the newest challenges that are sent to me by email. Well for today’s post, I wanted to let you guys know about the latest challenge that is happening @ the moment.

Sun Salutation Challenge


  • What do you do? Every morning when you wake up or every evening before bed you’ll perform the Sun Salutation sequence. This challenge lasts for 7 days. Simple enough right? 

and if you aren’t a huge yoga fan, give this one a try…

Stadium Sprint Circuit


  • What do you do? Do steps 1-4 as a set with no rest in between. When you finish all 4, rest for 1-3 minutes and repeat circuit two more times

*To increase the level of difficulty, wear a backpack with added…

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One response to “Time to get your booty moving

  1. Thanks for the reblog girl! I hope your having a great week so far ❤

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