Fall Fitness Tips


My baby Jade loves the weather!

Is the chill in the air zapping your motivation to work out?

As we transition from the warm temps and long days of summer to a cooler fall climate with less daylight, it can be hard to keep up your workout momentum. But with a little effort, you can power through the next few months with exercise enthusiasm – rather than waiting until the New Year to begin a workout routine all over again.

Here are 5 tips to help keep you motivated to exercise this fall:

1) Try something new – Give a completely different activity a try. Who knows? You might just end up loving it. That’s what happened with me and yoga – I just didn’t think I’d be into it, but once I tried it I was hooked. Have you been thinking about trying Zumba? Rock climbing? Tae Kwon Do? Pole fitness? Go for it!

2) Go at a different time – I kind of enjoy winding down with a workout on a summer evening, but it’s a different story in the colder months. When it’s warm out, it’s easier to slip on some workout gear and head outside. When it’s chilly and dark, well, it puts me in the mood to get under a blanket on the couch. So in the colder months I try to work out first thing in the morning. It sets the tone for the day, and then I don’t feel guilty putting on comfy clothes and lounging in the evening!

3) Enlist a workout buddy – Having an exercise partner – or partners – will help keep your routine fun and hold you accountable, too. When you know you’re supposed to meet someone for a workout, it’s not as easy to bail. Know of a few others who want to get in shape? Start a running group. Or join in on group runs that are already going on!

4) Jam out to new tunes – It’s amazing how adding new songs to your iPod or mp3 player can energize and motivate you during a workout. I’ve found that having a fresh soundtrack to listen to can give me a much-needed boost. When I put together new playlists, I try to choose ones that kind of fit with the season; I find that I’m more apt to enjoy Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” during the summer than the fall, you know?

5) Get new workout clothes – Let’s face it; shorts and tank tops don’t cut it when it’s 40 degrees outside. And besides, exercise and shopping are similar in that they both make you feel happy, right? So why not shop for some new gear?

From http://www.rhodyfitness.com/2011/10/tips-for-keeping-motivated-to-exercise-this-fall/


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