Motivational Monday

This is just a post to address my faults and mistakes. I relapsed all around in the last week in terms of food, working out, and drinking. This is my first real step in admitting I have a problem binge drinking and I need to get help for it. So what do I do? Go to AA? Therapy? I guess I’ll figure it out. I’m ashamed and embarrassed of my actions when I’m drunk. Especially when I can’t remember most of them. I hope this post motivates you to be better because as of today, I’m done with all my crap and excuses. I need to get to the total bottom of why I do the things I do. Right now it’s midnight and I’m venting but something has got to change and today is the day. Have a great week y’all.


2 responses to “Motivational Monday

  1. Have you thought about doing a 30 day challenge to get yourself in a different mindset? I’m in the middle of Whole30 and it is super strict (no alcohol!) but it’s a great way to mentally refocus yourself on good habits!

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