Lighten it Up for Labor Day: How to enjoy the holiday and still be “good”

Hi everyone,

I wanted to do this post to address some of the problems that happen because of holidays, especially ones involving food and booze. Here are some tips to help you make it through and not feel too guilty.

  1. Workout that day! It’s the best way to give yourself a bit of a cushion, by burning calories and jumpstarting your metabolism for the day. Also, take advantage of events in parks or pool parties. Great ways to get an extra workout in by swimming or walking. If their are games happening, such as volleyball or tag, participate! Work for your food!
  2. BYOB! this is a big one for me. If you want to be sure that you don’t drink too many excess calories, bring your own bottle. My drinks of choice for this year’s Labor Day are Minute Maid 5-calorie lemonade, light beer, and wine spritzers (wine mixed in equal parts with diet sprite or carbonated water in my case) If you are going the heavy liquor route, stick to clear liquors such as vodka, and mix it or chase it with diet or light choices. Water is your best option regardless!
  3. Stick to the one plate rule. I try a bit of everything, or I chose the things I really want (mac and cheese 🙂 ) and I only eat whatever fits on that one plate (not piled up). Also, it really helps to start out with a salad or veggies if they are available. Not sure about the dressing or condiments? Mix it with water. Still gives you some of the flavor, but less of the calories. I do this a lot with creamy dressings, if I’m not sure what’s in them.
  4. Deserts Don’t deprive yourself, just make sure you eat a little bit. Try to stick to fresh fruits or things with fruit mixed in (such as shortbread). If you want to go heavier (such as that cake you might be eyeing) make sure to try to serve it up on a small plate or napkin. Or even better ( add it to the main serving plate as one of your options in tip 3.

One response to “Lighten it Up for Labor Day: How to enjoy the holiday and still be “good”

  1. I agree; if you get a little workout in, earlier in the day, then you will at least burn some of the food/drinks you have later:)

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