Fitness Fridays: Workout Plans for a Killer Core

To build a strong core and burn belly fat your workout plans need to be high intensity and your diet needs to be very clean.I know, it’s reality. Some people see this as bad news, and they will keep looking for the magic workout plan that will help them burn fat without breaking a sweat and eating whatever they want.

The truth is that in order to decrease belly fat you need to focus on full body strength training and eating a clean diet.

Workout plans

Strength training workouts are the best way to burn belly fat and
keep it off

Weight training will NOT make you “bulky”. It takes an enormous amount of calories to add large amounts of lean muscle mass. Women who say that they have tried weight training and got bulky, did not follow a clean diet.

There are tons of workout plans that will claim to help you lean out without breaking a sweat and eating whatever you want. They don’t work! That’s one of the things I hate about the fitness industry. There is so much misinformation out there.

The 6 Habits of Healthy Women Who Have Awesome Abs

  • Follow a workout routine that runs 60 – 90 days, this helps to keep you interested and following a set plan will enable maximum results
  • Lift heavy weights, mostly body weight training
  • Keep a food journal and eat mostly plants and lean protein
  • Do high intensity interval training
  • Sleep 7 – 9 hours each night
  • Have a coach or accountability partner

My favorite “skinny Jeans” workouts

I call them skinny jeans workouts because every time I have completed each of the workout routines I get back in to my skinny jeans. I bet your wondering why my skinny jeans only fit after I complete a high intensity workout plan, it’s because I’m not very strict with my diet if I don’t have a plan. Hey … I’m honest 🙂

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