WOD Wednesday: Crossfit Inspired

Today’s workout comes from my Spartan Race WOD Newsletter that I get each day in preparation for the event. Although I probably won’t be participating (it’s really intense) I like to do some of the workouts sometime. Because of the weather, I won’t be going to the gym today, so I will be completing my workout from home and maybe throw in a 30 minute run. Enjoy!

Warm up: Jump rope 10 minutes

30 Burpees

30 Jumping Lunges

2 Minute Plank

30 Tricep Dips

30 Bodyweight Squats

2 Minute Plank

50 Crunches

Cool down: Stretch

One response to “WOD Wednesday: Crossfit Inspired

  1. I get those emails too and LOVE them!!! Crossfit is such a great way to workout and getting the routines sent to you via email is so much cheaper than joining a box!

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