Motivational Mondays: Get it done!

This is soooo true for me as of yesterday. I usually don’t run outdoors. I just hate heat, bugs, etc. However, I woke up with it in my mind to go for a run sometime yesterday. I decided to go around 5, and for some reason I thought it was going to be relatively cool. WRONG! It was sunny, and 85 degrees, not my ideal running weather. The plan was to do 3.6 miles and head to the gym, but sometime during my run, I lost my ID and decided to backtrack. I didn’t find it, but I wound up doing 5 miles instead, hot and sweaty, and not making it to the gym in time. Although it sucks I lost my ID, I’m glad I went. It was nice walk/running through my neighborhood and seeing the houses in the area. I really like the area I moved to, so I may even buy a house here in the next year or two. I’m glad I didn’t wait for ideal conditions, because I probably wouldn’t have gone.


2 responses to “Motivational Mondays: Get it done!

  1. Sorry to hear you lost your ID.

  2. I hope you find your ID. That stinks.

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