Motivational Mondays-I am not an expert.

I find it hilarous that because my friends know that I workout regularly now, they come to me for advice. I mean sure, I read and research a lot, but by no means am I am expert. I do however find this to be somewhat motivational. It’s like listening in class even if you don’t want to because you know your teacher may call on you. Nowadays, I study and research fitness online because I not only thrive on learning, but because I know I may get asked something by a friend. It’s slightly rewarding to help out as well. It keeps me on my toes, and the more I learn, the more I realize that working out is important, point blank. I started my journey just wanting to lose weight to look good, now I do it to be healthy as well. I really haven’t been focused on the scale like I used to be, I mainly like going to the gym and seeing how much more weight I can lift than I did last week, and how many more miles I can get in running. I’m strong, I’m happy, oh and I’m pretty of course.

Have a great Monday!


6 responses to “Motivational Mondays-I am not an expert.

  1. Ooh.. you got a fancy new theme? Cute! 🙂

    I agree about loving to be able to give out advice. You mentioned before one of your goals is to be a personal trainer; have you looked any more into getting certified?

  2. what a great post! Keep believing in yourself like this!

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