Guest Post: Fitness Fridays-How to Change Your Life with Exercise

This article was written by Jim over at and I was in no way compensated by the company. Enjoy!

It is not uncommon for a person to live a relatively sedentary life.  You, yourself, may work a desk job or you may even be unemployed and spend the majority of your time on a couch at home.  Exercise can literally be one of the best things a person introduces into their daily regiment.  There are so many benefits to incorporating physical activity into your life that it may even make you wonder why you have never established a workout plan beforehand.  The first step is knowing what exercise can do for you and then creating a workout plan to match.

Exercise has a limitless amount of benefits for both the mind and body.  One thing that daily exercise can do is to strengthen muscles and encourage weight loss.  It has been estimated that people who exercise while dieting will lose more weight and more quickly than people whom simply cut down on calories alone.  This is due to the fact that just about any exercise will burn the calories that you consume in a day.  When coupled with a healthy diet, you will be amazed at how much weight you can lose within a matter of just a few weeks or months.

The mental benefits of exercise are also fantastic and are practically limitless.  When you workout, your body naturally releases endorphins that give you that feel-good feeling that you might get after a restful night of sleep or participating in your favorite activity.  Many people do not exercise because they feel that it will make them even more tired than they already are, but this is actually the exact opposite of what a good workout will do.  You might find that you actually have more energy throughout the day if you exercise and do something that gets your body sweating and your heart pumping.

When it comes to exercise, there are literally dozens of different workouts that you can do.  The important thing is to take a good, solid look at your lifestyle and your current physical state.  For instance, you should not start running miles every day if you haven’t exercised in ten years.  Your body needs to adjust to the workout that you will be doing.  For those who are new to exercise, a simple 10-minute walk a day can help get your body moving to where you can increase that amount to 20 or even 30 minutes each day.  Another thing to do is to fit exercise into your schedule.  If you find that you’re not exercising because you are too busy after work, consider working out before going to the office in the morning.

You should also consider changing your exercises every few weeks.  Exercise helps to boost the metabolism, but when you do the same thing for weeks or even months, the exercise itself is simply not as effective.  You can spend the entire winter using home gym equipment and then spend the summer going for hikes every weekend with a relative or friend.  A change of scenery will also keep you motivated when it comes to making exercise a regular part of your life.  Whenever you find that you are bored when exercising, it means it is time to step things up a bit or change the workout entirely.

 Many people who use treadmills find that walking is a great way to shed some weight.  When walking gets too boring for you or you find your weight at a standstill despite not changing anything, you may want to consider jogging a little bit every day or every other day.  This small change can be a powerful one and will literally boost the metabolism that is helping you burn fat.  Even ellipticals can be a wonderful way to jump-start a workout routine, no matter if you use the machine at home or in a local gym.

 Exercise can be the perfect addition to anyone’s life.  Whether you enjoy doing an hour walk on a treadmill every day or you spend your evenings at a dance class, you will immediately reap the benefits of a thorough workout.  Exercise can relieve depression and can help to prevent major medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.  This is why it can benefit you and your family as well.

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