Guest Post-WOD Wednesdays: Why You Should Start Cycling

Hi! My name is Yoli. I am the blogger behind Tough and Tiny. My blog focuses on health and fitness, and being a vegetarian, with a side of advertising and social media.

Today I’m going to talk about cycling. I’m fairly new to cycling, however, I’ve already learned it’s one of the best ways to be active and be happy.

Here’s why:

1. It’s a non-impact sport

That means your body gets a break from the constant pounding that happens when you run, there’s less stress on joints and you can be active on the bike longer. Yay.

2. Work the major muscle groups

If you want a workout, hop on a bike, put in some effort and speed, and by no time you’ll be working (and feeling!) your quads, glutes and calves.

3. Improve coordination

It’s tricky for some at first to grab a bottle with one hand while continuing to steer and ride with the other hand. It may be difficult to hold your hand out to signal left or right and continue riding. With time, you’ll develop better coordination and actions like those mentioned will be like second-nature.

4. Bring yourself back to nature

Of course you can cycle inside at a gym, but who wants to be stationary when you can be moving through nature?? You can travel miles within an hour and get a glimpse of so much you may night see while running or driving.

5. Built-in exercise

A benefit to cycling is that you can do it anywhere: in a city, in rural areas, anywhere. All you need is a bike, helmet and off you go. You get exercise when you cycle to work, to school or for leisure.

6. Good for your mental health

Getting outside and riding gets you into a rhythm where you’re focused on the ride, not on the stress of work, the events of last night, or whatever else is on your mind. Cycling can be a good stress reliever in that way.

7. Good for your waistline

Cycling is a good form of cardiovascular fitness and can burn a lot of calories. That leads to losing inches off your waistline when you cycle faster than a leisurely pace. Cycling also leads to a higher metabolism, even after you’ve ended your ride.

8. Spend quality time with a friend, loved one, etc.

Cycling is a great activity for two or a group to do. Most people learn to bike at a young age, and even if you haven’t learned yet, it’s not too late! Ask a friend to teach you and then you’ve an activity you can both do and enjoy together. It makes for a great alternative to family walks, improv for a date (and costs less too :b), etc. Cycling can also introduce you to a new set of cycling friends if you join a group at the gym or invite people to cycle with you.

9. Build stamina

It’s easy to keep pedaling and not realize just how far you’ve gone. Cycling helps you performs tasks at work or home more efficiently, too.

10. Good for the environment

You know I had to bring up this point. 🙂 Cycling emits no fumes and reduces pollution. Instead of driving or walking a mile to the store next time, bicycle! To learn more, visit CLIF Bar’s 2 Mile Challenge.

11. Improve overall level of fitness

Cycling helps improve your deep breathing, strengthens muscles and makes you perspire. What a great way to get fit! And you get to travel.
Next time you decide to go for a walk, drive to the store or be a tv couch potato, consider getting out the bike and going for a speedy ride.

Do you cycle? What’s your favorite aspect of cycling?



2 responses to “Guest Post-WOD Wednesdays: Why You Should Start Cycling

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  2. Ohhh I learned so much about cycling through this! I mean I knew it was good for you but I really didn’t know why or what exactly it worked in your body! Thanks for sharing the info!! Sweat Pink LOvE!

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