Guest Post: What Gets You Out The Door?

Todays post comes from Alex over at The Run Within. Check her out!

Got to say, it is always exciting to write a guest post especially for someone with such amazing fitness accomplishments like Columbia. She is definitely one of those females I would say is kicking butt and taking names with strides.

 I think it can be tough to start a fitness routine, especially one that may be brand new. For me, I began a new job and knew that meant a whole new fitness routine. No longer was I a college student with an unlimited gym and free fitness classes. (Man oh man was I bummed about that realization!) So what is a girl to do? Get pumped about the new routine – that’s what.

I knew the way to get in my distance runs each morning, was to wake up at a time I never though I would see 5:30 am. Two months in and I can genuinely say I am happy I have the routine I do. I cherish my mornings and their sweat sessions. So what can you do to get yourself into that new routine whatever it may be?

  1. Remind yourself of why. Each morning when I see the clock and feel the warm covers, I remember of how tired I am at 7 pm after work and how exhausted and crappy I will feel during work if I did nothing that morning. Those little reminders get my butt out of bed.
  2. Think of the after glow. The after glow for me is that endorphin high as I walk as sweaty into my building after a great run. I mean who doesn’t love the after run feeling?
  3. Make the routine easy. For me, that means setting all my gear out the night before and wearing my workout clothes to bed. Some people that means packing a gym bag for work the next day. You get the picture. Do what will make the new routine seem seamless and easy.
  4. Keep your goals in the forefront. I always remind myself of the next race I am running or my ultimate mileage I want to hit at the end of the week. I like the physical reminders so maybe a little motivational sticky note by your bed would work.

New routines are never easy or fun but remember new routines can make habits and those healthy habits are what make us accomplish those fitness goals we never thought we could.


2 responses to “Guest Post: What Gets You Out The Door?

  1. I’m going to be starting my last year of college, so I’m still in the unlimited gym zone. However, when it comes time to set up a new fitness routine, I think it’ll be challenging, but fun. Great idea for a post! xo

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