My Fitness Bucket List/Current Workout Routine

I was reading Kristens post over at Fit Bottomed Girls and decided to compile a fitness bucket list of my own. Here is what it consists of:

  1. Complete a 5K
  2. Complete a 10K
  3. Compete in a boxing match
  4. Complete a half-marathon
  5. Complete a marathon
  6. Run up Stone Mountain
  7. Learn how to play tennis
  8. Learn how to play golf
  9. Do yoga at sunrise on a beach
  10. Do a fitness model contest
  11. Become a certified personal trainer
  12. Do a triathalon or iron woman competition
  13. Attend the Crossfit Games.

I’m sure I will have more things to add later, but this is what I could think of off the top of my head that I have been wanting to do. I’m pretty simple though, I just want to be fit and healthy, oh and of course pretty. 🙂

Also, to answer today’s question for The Fitness Cheerleader August Blogging Challenge, I currently workout both morning and night. My morning routine consists of waking up between 5:30 and 6am and a walk around my neighborhood or yoga for 20 minutes, and at night between 7 and 9 I do my “real” work, which consists of sprint/walk to my gym (which is about 1/3 of a mile from my house), cardio, and strength training for whatever targeted body parts I have planned for the day.


6 responses to “My Fitness Bucket List/Current Workout Routine

  1. Love fitness bucket lists! Looking forward to seeing you check items off your list!

  2. I love your bucket list! So awesome to have goals :-).

  3. fitnesscheerleader

    Great list! The Yoga on the beach one sounds heavenly!

  4. Great list…you’ll need the peace of mind that yoga provides to get through the playing golf.

  5. yoli (Tough and Tiny)

    Impressive list! Good luck with golf, gather up your patience! xo

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