Recap of July/August Fitness Goals

Here are my current stats:

              July 1           August 1
Weight     195           189
Height     5’10          5’10
Hips         46            44.5   
Waist        33             32
Thighs      26.5         25.5
Calves      15             15
Bust          38            38
Bicep         13           14

My goals for the month were to lose 10 pounds and to workout 20 times. I worked out 19 times (got caught up with my move last weekend, so techinically 16, but I’m counting that moving 3 days of moving because it was exhausting), and I lost about 5 pounds. Time to work double time for August.

Goals for August

Workout 20 times for the month

Lose 10 pounds

Have ONE cheat day a week (Saturday)

Help my sister lose 10 pounds (she has lost about 20 since she’s been living with me, without really trying, so I know we can do better).

This is my progress so far: The first picture was taken July 1st.


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