Gympact: Incentivize Your Workout

I’m normally not a fitness app girl, however, this is one of the few that I do use frequently. Gympact offers cash rewards if you honor your weekly fitness commitment and makes you cough up some of our own hard-earned money if you slack off. Here’s how it works: you first make a pact on how many days you’ll go to the gym each week (minimum of one day per week) and how much you’ll fork out if you miss, with the minimum penalty set at five bucks for each day you miss. If you have to pay, that money gets taken out of your credit card and goes straight into a community pot, which then gets divided up and doled out to everyone who honored their weekly commitment. How does the app know when you’ve stayed true to your vow? It’s easy enough: you have to check-in to the gym using the app and stay for at least 30 minutes in order for your visit to count.

Does it work? I say it does, it sucks dishing out $5 each time I miss the gym. Lately I have been using it faithfully.


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