My Thoughts On The “Snob Diet”

In the November issue of Glamour Magazine, there was an article about the “Snob Diet”. The “Snob Diet” is similar to French Women Don’t Get Fat: eat small portions of decadent, full-fat food and you’ll be more satisfied and lose weight. The principles of the diet:

Choose high-quality food
Enjoy that food
Don’t deny cravings
If it’s not truly delicious, don’t eat it

I personally agree with it. I always feel better when I am satisfied. I tend to eat pretty healthy anyway, and I like to cook so this diet is something that in actuality, isn’t a diet. It’s a lifestyle. This coincides with my goal to eat more homegrown fruits, veggies and bread. Not only does it help the local economy, but it’s just better. What are your thoughts on the diet and eating “good”?


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